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Arch support for ballet shoes

Arch support for ballet flats
Arch support for ballet shoes

Ballet shoes are designed for a specific purpose, and that is doing ballet. The whole purpose is to cover the foot and not interfere or influence the posture or motion of the foot. However, there are times when there is some sort of problem or injury with the foot and some sort of arch support is needed either in the short or long term. There are no ballet shoes that are designed to do that.

How can you get arch support in ballet shoes?

Assuming that more support is needed or indicated, then how can you do it? Foot orthotic devices or supports are the most logical way to do it, but there is no way that they can fit into ballet shoes. They may fit into running shoes, but not into ballet footwear. There is a solution and we have it.

OnTheSpot Arches for arch support in ballet shoes

It really is that simple. Our product is self adhesive, so you just place it in the ballet shoe in the right spot and you have some instant arch support. Of course the arch support is not going to do much good when you are up on the toes, but when the foot is flat on the ground it will help keep the foot in a better posture and teach the muscles where the foot should be.